5 Wellness is a holistic Deaf-owned company using American Sign Language (ASL) to educate and empower the Deaf community by providing wellness resources and tools to start their healing journey. 

"Keep up with your tips for healthy lifestyle."

"Thank you for making holistic and wellness accessible for us."

"Keep up with the good ASL work in videos - it is very visual for Deaf People & others."

Introduction Rochella, owner - the transcript is in the video description on YouTube

Organic Supplements

5 Wellness choose only a few highest quality, NON-GMO, organic supplements because you don't need vitamins contain with chemicals, sugars, and other fake fillers!

Holistic Consulting

Are you ready to change? Are you sick of being sick? Or do you feel stuck with what is next step to start your healthy journey? I am here to guide and save your time from researching

Blue Organic Kitchen

Blue Organic Kitchen is the sister company to 5 Wellness. I love to cook and bake the foods, especially prepare with real food. Come and learn how to prepare healthy foods for yourself or for your family!

Health is a relationship between you and your body

Your Health Matters

5 Wellness is the result of my passion, expertise and appreciation for holistic living.

The business model is strongly centered on the holistic, whole-person approach. The focus is on prevention rather than “cure”. I will always source only the highest quality products to help build and support your health. Learn more.

In addition to the products, I also offer private consulting to help you make a successful new wellness plan and to support your journey to a strong healthy lifestyle. Learn more.

If you need more information, feel free to view over hundreds videos I developed and edited over the years, check Vlog page out!


5 Roots to Wellness

Learn 5 Wellness's holistic health philosophy. We must practice each 5 roots, in order, to feel truly healing and happy longevity.

5 Wellness' Detox Program

Our body needs a good "scrub off" once a year to get rid of toxins! We offer a detoxify program focusing on colon, kidneys and liver.