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L to R: Sierra (2 1/2), Rochella, Ramba, Lee, and Jambo.
L to R: Sierra (2 1/2), Rochella, Ramba, Lee, and Jambo.
Blue Organic Kitchen: The heart of Rochella's home
What Supplements Do I Take? | Rochella's personal video


About the owner

Hello there, my name is Rochella (Johnson) Jones. I'm an owner of 5 Wellness and its sister company, Blue Organic Kitchen. I'm working with clients who want to use the natural approach to improve their health lifestyle or help the clients who doesn't know how to start their healing journey. I also work close with clients who detoxify their body to experience a huge transformations before and after the detox programs by 5 Wellness. Feel free to browse the products I sell and services I provide. I'm proud able to say that I use what I sell, unlike other companies.

My Story

I was born and raised on an organic farm in northern Minnesota. The last of five children, my parents raised the family using holistic approaches. We used no medicine, choosing superfoods, herbs and natural medicines instead. We grew our own vegetables and fruits, and played outside barefoot. I grew up thinking it was normal life just like everyone else.
After earning a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Gallaudet University (in Washington DC) in 2007. I felt the call from my parents’ farm in northern Minnesota. I returned home and worked for my parents' business, Living Food Farm, in customer support and research. After editing the farm’s bi-monthly newsletter for six years and working with hundreds of customers, I knew educating others was a definite passion of mine.
I then became a holistic nutrition consultant, certified by the accredited American College of Healthcare Sciences. It was this experience, along with my formal training, that led me to establish 5 Wellness, LLC. Today, my family and I make our country home in Faribault, Minnesota.

Education Background:

  • Bachelor degree in Communication Studies at Gallaudet University (20'07).
  • Certified in Holistic Nutrition Consulting at American College of Healthcare Sciences (2013).
  • Member of American Holistic Health Association (AHHA) since 2014.

5 Wellness's logo have a few purposes behind it

  1. Handshape "five" is represented as Deaf owner, Rochella
  2. Leaves represent holistic health and wellness
  3. A different shade of green colors represents each person's health journey is unique
  4. Number 5 represents Rochella's five roots to wellness, learn more.
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Next Steps...

I encourage you to take this advantage to learn more about my philosophy of 5 Wellness and its roots. Food, Water, Detox, Fitness and Harmony.

Living Food Farm is what I always recommend anyone who needs the support to their gut area with rich-probiotic. Raw Vegetables Powder is soil-based probiotic, where most probiotic is contained with dairy-based. Ron, the farmer/owner is my dad and I'm taking Raw Vegetables Powder daily faithfully since 2005. Check his website out! Also, be sure to watch "Interview With My Dad: An Elite Organic Farmer" videos interviewed and edited by me.