Holisitc Consulting Service One-Time $80.00

"The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter, and the spirit heals with joy" - Dr. Samantha Boyd

What to expect before, during and after a private consultation with Rochella:

  • Client Questionnaire: Rochella will send you a client questionnaire after you make a payment. What is in the client questionnaire? They are questions to know you better. 
  • VP/FT Date: After you complete a client questionnaire, Rochella will contact you via text to set time and date to meet on VideoPhone or FaceTime. 
  • Customize Wellness Plan: During a session, Rochella will write down important things during the session and type a summary of what you both discussed after the session. You don’t need to memorize everything during the session. 
  • Follow up Within a Month: Rochella will discuss your wellness goals for next two weeks - a month to see how you are progressing with your healing journey. 
  • Keep in Touch with Rochella: Rochella usually keeps in touch with her clients through text, Glide, and/or MarcoPolo so clients have full and direct access to Rochella, they can ask her any questions afterwards. 

No judgement, no restriction diet, no shame during the session. Rochella doesn’t believe that you have to suffer, or to feel shame of what you have been treating your health, or anything like this. Rochella loves to talk and discuss healthy things that her clients often found beneficial, helpful, and  informative. The goal is to set a plan to start your healing journey in a healthy way!

"Most health plans (or systems) are designed for “everyone”. But you are not "everyone" nor an average person! You are unique and different individual. You have your own needs to be healthy and happy. That's why you need a personalized, custom-made 5 Wellness' health plan designed just for you. I don't design to fit all of my clients but design to fit your lifestyle and what is best for YOU. Together, we can accomplish so many health barriers! Let me serve you and help with your health issue through our holistic consulting session." - Rochella Jones, CHNC

"Your body's ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe."

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