Kidneys Detox Information

Second Step: Kidneys Cleanse

According to National Kidney and Urology Diseases, an estimated 100,000 Americans are diagnosed with kidney failure every year. Approximately 7.7 million Americans have evidence of chronic kidney disease today.

What is a kidney’s function?
• Keeps your blood balanced
• Controls the amount of fluid in your body
• Balances the electrolytes in your blood
• Helps control your blood pressure
• Produces hormones for your blood and bone formation

What are common symptoms for kidney problems?

• Chronic gas
• Bloating
• Headaches
• Bad temper
• Nerves

Acute kidney failure symptoms
• Swelling
• Drowsiness
• Irregular heartbeat

Chronic kidney failure symptoms
• Fatigue
• Loss of appetite
• Headaches
• Cramps
• Thirst

Kidney problems are usually caused by eating:
• Fatty foods and a high sugar diet
• Processed foods (such as cold meats, hot dogs, microwave dinners, etc.)
• Hydrogenated fats and oils (from fast foods, processed foods, etc.)
• Coffee, chocolate, soft drinks, red meats, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, tobacco, aspirin, table salt, and alcohol

Warning: These procedures are not recommend to those people taking medication for congestive heart failure, seizures or other serious illinesses, or people with severe kidney failure.

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