Liver Detox Information

Third Step: Liver Cleanse

Gallbladder removal is one of most frequently performed operations in the U.S., with over half a million Americans removing the gallbladder each year. LIver that are not functioning correctly often cause problems with gallbladders. In reality, many only need to cleanse their livers so that their gallbladders function correctly.

Explaining the liver's function is complicated since it has over 200 functions! The liver basically controls synthesis, and stores, secretes, transforms, and breaks down different substances.

Some symptoms of liver dysfunctions are:
• Digestive diseases
• Constipation
• Low energy
• Allergies and hay fever
• Arthritis
• Diabetes
• Hypertension
• Obesity
• Infertility

Causes of these symptoms can include:
• Too much protein in the diet (especially protein metabolism)
• Too much simple carbohydrates (any kind of refined sugars)
• Overeating
• Drug residues (from medication, recreational use, chemotherapy, and such)
• Toxins, heavy metals, pesticides
• Lack of exercise

Warning – These procedures are not recommended to people taking medication for congestive heart failure, seizures or other serious illnesses, or people with severe kidney failure.

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