100% Organic Strawberry Fruit Leather

  • $25.00
  • 7 rolls
  • Approximately 5" x 10" a roll
  • Made to order
  • 100% organic strawberry with a little local raw honey *Minnesota Grown

Rochella explains what is the difference between Mom's Strawberry to other fruit snacks or rolls. February 2019

Five Reasons Why Mom's Strawberry Fruit Leathers Are The Best!

  • Mom's Strawberry Fruit Leathers has only TWO ingredients. Organic real strawberries & a small portion of Minnesota grown organic raw honey.
  • Temperature: Rochella is very strict with limiting the temperature by dehydrating leathers to 115 degrees. If the leathers are heated to over 117 degrees, nutrient values from berries will die and you get nothing. But with Mom's Strawberry leathers, you will get good sources of Vitamin C and antioxidants. Mom's Strawberry leathers are dried for about 15 hours.
  • Made from REAL berries, unlike stores' artificial flavors or fruit juice concentrates. Store-bought leathers are usually full of refined sugar, causing your blood sugar level to spike up.
  • Mom's Strawberry is a perfect snack for children AND adults! You can bring Mom's Strawberry with you anywhere... to camping/hiking/biking/shopping/road trips, to work, to parties, to vacations, to the beach, to sporting events... the possibilities are endless!
  • It tastes soooo delicious.. And the best thing? It is absolutely, completely, and totally.... a REAL fruit!

A Bit History Behind the Mom's Strawberry

Shirley is my mom. She is truly a  "CHAMP" when it comes to being creative especially with healthy food. She held so many amazing and unforgettable skills to prepare meals straight from the garden. While growing up, I was always so amazed at how she prepared, cooked, and made food completely from scratch and with LOVE. She was an unbelievable expert to be able to think up of all the things she did and to make the meals she made from scratch. Her cooking never failed to taste like heaven. Visitors who came to the farm always mentioned how delicious the food my mom prepared, cooked, and served were. She always smiled with that smile of hers..... and with pride.

Guess what? Her passion in cooking has passed down to me. We loved to discuss food, as we always shared and compared recipes together. I knew I would follow her footsteps when I was growing up but I have found myself following her footsteps more than I thought I would by preparing food the way she did. For example, I have never and never will buy strawberry jam from a store. I have to make it from scratch just like my mom. As you know the saying, "because mom says so..." 🙂


I spent so many happy moments cooking with my mom and making meals while I continued to learn from her when I lived at my parents'  farm after I graduated from college. We made meals  and poured love into those meals together for countless family gatherings. To put those times in words would literally be impossible but I am and will always be forever grateful for the times I spent in the kitchen by my mom's side.  Between preparing meals, we made time to talk, laugh, and establish memories that I hold very dearly and deep in my heart. In return, she gave me the irreplaceable passion as well as the talent to cook and prepare healthy meals from scratch.

In Loving Memory of

Shirley (Hottle) Johnson

September 16 1951-January 24 2015


My siblings and I would pick strawberries on our farm all day for a three-week period every summer when we were young. When we finished picking strawberries, we always knew what we were expected to do next as we had to peel off stems from the strawberries. At last, my mom would put the strawberries in the freezer and freeze them up to have enough strawberries for the rest of the year until next summer. We would do the exactly same routine all over again, summer after summer. Yes, it was hard work but we were so fortunate to have 12 hands to make the process faster. However, it was never just a process. While we were peeling, the table was always filled with laughter and jokes. I remember looking over my shoulder while peeling with my siblings, and seeing my mom smile at us proudly with that beautiful smile plastered on her face. Oh, those times were my fondest memories at the farm.

In her honor, there is nothing more I want to do than to make her famous Strawberry Fruit Leathers and to spread our love that will always be together to as many places & people as possible.                     - Rochella (Johnson) Jones

What Customers Have Said About Mom's Strawberry?

"It is great for my sweet tooth and I usually share rolls with my friends and family. A perfect gift...even for holiday stocking stuff." Laurene, DC

"CHAMP delicious! You should try it! My four kids love eating Mom's Strawberry." - Jerry, CA