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Oxy-Powder $46.95
Organic Vitamin C $27.00
Hawaiian Spirulina $25.00
IntraCal $29.95
Oregatrex $24.95
Mom's Strawberry $25.00

Oxy-Powder is the best colon cleanser!

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IntraCal is great for bone and joints health.

Organic Vitamin C is an immune booster for all age!

Hawaiian Spirulina is perfect for all age who hate veggies!

Mom's Strawberry is made with 100% organic strawberry!

Oregantrex is powerful potent for colds/flu/sore throat!

Fake vs. Real Supplements
Mom's Strawberry vs. Other
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What Our Customers Have Said About 5 Wellness' Products?

"Hawaiian Spirulina made me feel so good and more energy. Organic Vitamin C made my teeth and gum healthier. IntraCal made my teeth stronger and my fingernails grow strong. Oregano Oil prevents my tooth infection and no more pain. They are wonderful products! Thank you, Rochella!" - Stacey, WI

"Great products! I have always trust the Johnson family related to wellness and health. They are great people to work with and trust is the key." -Amanda, IN

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