VIDEO: Rochella explains what is Renaltrex, facts about our kidney organs, and how do we know we need to take Renaltrex?

Benefits of taking Renaltrex

  • Helps the kidneys eliminate toxins
  • Provides nutritional support for the kidneys
  • Flushes excess uric acid
  • Promotes a normal urinary tract
  • Supports normal fluid balance

Why Renaltrex best?

  • Raw Herbal Extract technology concentrates the herbs' beneficial constituents
  • Made with high quality, organic ingredients. Gluten-and alcohol-free.

5 WEllness's Body Detox information

Renaltrex $29.95


Renaltrex promotes normal kidney function so they can make hormones, regulate fluid levels, and detoxify your blood. Urination eliminates toxins. In fact, your kidneys are as important as your liver and colon for clearing waste. Renaltrex provides nutrients that encourage normal urine production and flow. Want to stimulate your energy levels and enhance your overall wellness? Cleansing your kidneys can give you a boost. An unhealthy diet or lifestyle can lead to deposits in the kidneys. The herbs in Renaltrex help to dissolve and remove them.



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