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To grow something out of a tiny seed is an awesome experience!

This page will be all about the gardening, I will share whatever is going on with my garden. Keep in mind, I live in Minnesota. The planting season is in May or early June. Find out when is best time to plant in your state.

Each year, we experience different challenges such as weather, bugs, or other factors. So, we never treat our garden the same way every year. This is what make a gardening fun and challenging!

My father, Ron, is someone I consider a world expert in growing the most delicious vegetables and fruits! I’m fortunate to be his daughter and to get to taste the results of his hard work. He understands how the soil works, something he learned over three decades. Learn more about his crops by clicking on the images.


Location: photos were at Living Food Farm's strawberry garden (my childhood farm). Above photo, I beside with tiller. Below: First photo, I was about 6 years old. Second photo, I was about 24 years old.