Together, We Can Accomplish So Many Health Barriers!

Most health plans (or systems) are designed for “everyone”.  However, you are not "everyone" nor an average person! You are unique and different individual. You have your own needs to be healthy and happy. That's why you need a personalized, custom-made 5 Wellness' health plan designed just for you. I don't design to fit all of my clients but design to fit your lifestyle and what is best for YOU. Let me serve you and help with your health issue through our holistic consulting session.

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Blue Organic Kitchen

Blue Organic Kitchen was created out of my passion for cooking healthy foods.What I can promise you was that they are free of additives, refined sugars, MSG, GMOs, color dyes, aspartame, and other unknown grossly ingredients!

Q&A with Rochella

I got so many health and wellness questions over the years so I decide to crate "Q&A with Rochella" to sign in American Sign Language for Deaf people to learn how to take care of their health and wellness!

In Search for Real Food workshop

Do you need someone to give a presentation about health and wellness? I'm certified in holistic nutrition consulting and I can give a presentation at your school or organization. Contact me for the details.